The Spivey Family

This page is dedicated to the memory of Joseph P. Spivey, (my father) who has passed away, but the memories of him are forever.

The Spivey's

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All Together Gail & Joe Roger, Andy, Ryan Matthew, Karen
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in Arizona Doug, Karen, Roger, and mom Doug & Roger w/dad
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The Lawnmower man Going way back,... at the Hughes home and now those pants are in style!
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Joseph P Spivey Gail Spivey at Santa Rita High Karen had some good school pics too
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Ok so mom's gonna kill me, but didn't she look cute?!! ..and still is!
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Roger at work b..b..b bad dude! Ryan Andy (Bear)
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Cindy, our cat for years Fifi, was friendly,.. she liked her frog Lady!

Karen's Family November 2005 The Family in S.Carolina for Thanksgiving 2005!  Thanks Roger! Roger and Ryan Spivey November 2005!




Matthew Basic Training 2006 Mom and Mac 2006 Roger 2006


Hey Cat,'re sitting in my spot,... I don't think so Shorty,.... ......What?
"Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers!"

Sophie (dog) & Zeus (cat)