Independent emirate
660 km²
Day of independence
August 15, 1971
Head of state
Shaykh Hamad Bin Issa l-Khalifa (from March 6, 1999)
Arabic (official), English, Persian
1 dinar=1000 fils.
1 dinar=US$2,60, US$1=0,38 dinar (May 21, 1999)
Manama (150,000)
Muharraq (75,000)
Judhaf (50,000)
Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands, of which the island of Bahrain is the dominating one (90% of the total area). Other important islands are Ummu n-Nisan, Al-Muharraq, Marquban, Jaziratu Hawwar. The elevage is low, with the highest peak of only 135m on the island Bahrain and most of the country is only rocky desert. Average summer temperatures are 34 C°, average during winter is 17 C°. Annual rainfall is below 80 mm, but the humidity is between 70% and 80%. Modern technology financed by oil revenues has made the emirate greener.

Capital of Bahrain with 150,000 inhabitants. Manama is situated on the Persian Gulf, north on Bahrain Island. The economical base for Bahrain is petroleum, oil refining, dhow building, fishing and pearl diving. Manama has an international airport on the island of Al Muharraq, to which it is connected with a causeway. University here, the University of Bahrain, founded in 1986.
1958: Manama is declared free port.
1971: Manama becomes capital of independent Bahrain.


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Leaving Kuwait Landing in Bahrain Driving to Hotel Holiday Inn Bar
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Navel Base My Room Hard Rock Cafe Sink & Jackson
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Oneal warming up I got lost Someone  
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People I met in their room. They returned my camera with these pics
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people Holiday Inn Bar Oneal getting warmer Oneal is Hot!
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BJ's Bar My name is,.... The Golden Lounge upstairs in the
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Holiday Inn.  Had a musical dance / play performance.
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Last Morning Nice People
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Everyone's hungover Home Again!