Sheraton Hotel, Abuja Nigeria


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How the hotel looked before we got there Building the floor
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Building the floor for the temper tents Work Work Work
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The roof going up Finishing up the tent Ready to move
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Moving the tent into position on the floor
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Anchoring it down After adding the walkways, and the entrance its done!
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Looks good! Setting up the commo    

The Hotel

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Sheraton, Abuja Nigeria from a distance The Mosque Standing room only
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Hotel Sign Entrance to the hotel ISU's all lined up Panoramic view
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Med Ops, and BAS Med Ops, Mosque From the roof!
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Pool and Boathouse Pool and hotel Pool view from room 463
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The Boathouse Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Papllion Restaurant
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Registration Desk Lobby Lobby Bar Indoor Shops
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Luigis / Dazzles Elephant Bar Room 463
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Gecko Money Money Money! Arms Room 769 Bravo Guard/SPC Wilson
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The Bravo Guards were hired to guard our floors at the hotel, also the entrance to the hotel.
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Waiting for the bus Bat Bats Sleeping