Abuja Airport


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Setting up the OE254 Mr Wright Mr Bevlander Bravo Guard
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The Firehouse Airport Backside Flightline
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Panoramic of the Firehouse The Bathroom
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Crew Sleeping Area Night View The Kitchen Storage
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Airport Back Firehouse/flightline The Airport The HIPP MI-24
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The Firehouse, and inside with SPAM
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Lunchtime Maintenance Runup Safety Desk
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Bravo Guards Chatting Millipede SGT Price's Scooter
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PL #1, Aircraft #753, Altenator went bad, dropped out of the air and stuck in the mud...
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Aircraft 552, and 002 went out to retrieve them, and on the way out 002 had a blade strike, 
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Taking out a Tip Cap, and a couple of the rear tail paddles,..they had to stay over night,....
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PL #2, #552 ran low on gas on the way home from Ibidan,..anyone got any gas???  See we can suck on this here tube,.....we brought gas out to them and transferred it to their aircraft.
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The natives looked on, hmmm....these Americans run out of gas too....!!
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Operations, 24 hour Commo, Maintenance Office, and Safety
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CPT Blackwell Daily work Acuna-Ma-Dustoff!
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Thanksgiving with the duty crew at the Airfield, LTC Iacovetta, MAJ Summers, CPT Martin, and 1SG Mitchel brought us Thanksgiving dinner, it was gooood! Playstation, Crew area
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Where's my coffee cup? Oh there it is,...hmmm seems to be stuck here,....
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We set up a volleyball net, great for PT and fun.
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The low ceiling added some new rules to the game,.....RE-DO,...

"Ride To & From Airport"

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Every morning after breakfast and drawing our weapons, to board the bus driving us to work.
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It is usually packed, so once in awhile we needed more than one,..
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At this intersection, many people waited for traffic to stop in order to sell something Many people have no transportation, so they stand along side the road, and hitch rides.
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It was common to see people carry things on their head!!...It was amazing how much they could carry!
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More carrying on the head,... How did they get those cows into that truck??
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A Car Wash??!! A large termite or ant hill
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We saw this as we came back toward Abuja from the Airport The Turn for the airport
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People sold things along side of the road Signs MIG Domestic Terminal
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Frontside of the International Terminal The gate we had to get someone with a key to open going in and out! The backside of the terminal Flightline
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Hotel and Mosque in the distance Mosque Sheraton Hotel Peugeot the car of choice....
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A police escort Making mud bricks