Blackhawk.jpg (37851 bytes) 159th Medical Company (AA)
Deployment Preparation, Wiesbaden Germany


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Planning meetings Flying to Ramstein AFB Folding Blades
DSC00009.jpg (163981 bytes) DSC00010.jpg (166172 bytes) DSC00011.jpg (150226 bytes) DSC00012.jpg (126334 bytes)
Folding the blades for 3 aircraft, 552, 753, and 002
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Teamwork! SPC Bolton, SGT Dunn SGT Dunn SGT Lacrosse
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DPC, we stayed here for 7 days from C5 delays  Dakar Senegal, Africa The beach, Chalk 2 stayed at a smaller hotel the 1st night, the Meridain was booked.  We couldn't go in the water or on the beach.
PA241111.jpg (230158 bytes) PA241112.jpg (218216 bytes) PA251124.jpg (197254 bytes) Senegal01.JPG (238181 bytes)
Inside room of 1st Hotel View from the balcony Panoramic view
Senegal02.JPG (252689 bytes) PA261126.jpg (188734 bytes) PA261127.jpg (205169 bytes) Pa261128a.jpg (121802 bytes)
C5 off in the distance Inside room of the Meridian Hotel, NICE!  We stayed here the 2nd night.
Senegal03.JPG (274426 bytes) PA261129.jpg (211801 bytes) PA261130.jpg (220385 bytes) PA261133.jpg (219332 bytes)
2 Bathrooms Bedroom Entry to Living room Living / Dining room
PA261134.jpg (234187 bytes) PA261137.jpg (263833 bytes) PA261141.jpg (228834 bytes) Senegal04.JPG (326958 bytes)
Room Service Breakfast Pool and Restaurant Poolside Panoramic view of pool
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Unloading the C5 in Nigeria
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Out comes the Helecopter, The C5 is huge!
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More Teamwork! Off loading the ISU's C5 from a distance
MASH1helo1042a.jpg (210221 bytes) MASH1helo1107.jpg (228795 bytes)    
Tail # 50007 C5 leaves