Dustoff Africa!

159th Medical Company (AA), Wiesbaden Germany


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Cpt. Hannam Cpt. Blackwell CW4 Petty CW2 Wright
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CW2 Sheppard CW2 Bevlander  WO1 Forbes  

Flight Crew

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SSG Troglen-MO SGT Lacrosse-MO SGT Stevens-MO SGT Spivey-MO
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SPC Nacis-CE SPC Willard-CE PFC Wright-CE SPC Maynard-CE


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SSG Price SGT Dunn SPC Bolton SPC Lewis

AVIM-(Giebelstadt Germany)

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SSG Webb SGT Ray SGT Barksdale PFC Adkins


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SGT Jacob SPC Welter SPC Gibson


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SGT Boyle SGT McCoo SPC Bethea SPC Weeks

Misc Pictures

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Group Photo Close-Up SSG Price CPT Hanam
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CPT Hannam/CPT Blackwell SGT Lacrosse SGT Spivey CW2 Sheppard Where's the McDonald's?!!
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WO1 Forbes SSG Troglen, CPT Hannam, SSG Price SSG Price/SSG Troglen SGT McCoo/SPC Weeks
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3 Stooges Stooge Wannabe Willard's Hair Bus Ride
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Morning Face for CW2 Sheppard, for some its worse than others.......
Hanam01.jpg (63544 bytes) Price01.jpg (76088 bytes) Price02.jpg (76077 bytes) Wright01.jpg (69376 bytes)
as you can see from CPT Hannam, SSG Price, and CW2 Wright,...!
Bevlander01.jpg (66375 bytes) Bevlander02.jpg (66791 bytes) Forbes01.jpg (70690 bytes) Forbes02.jpg (69710 bytes)
CW2 Bevlander W01 Forbes
Petty04.jpg (129513 bytes) DSC00088.jpg (226184 bytes) PA291184.jpg (240579 bytes) PA291185.jpg (266037 bytes)
We're not sure what happened here... CW2 Wright Hanging out at the pool, SPC Boyle, SPC Adams, CW2 Sheppard, CPT Hannam
MVC-206F.JPG (62227 bytes) MVC-205F.JPG (70826 bytes) PB151430.jpg (208444 bytes) PB151434.jpg (190410 bytes)
Bravo Guards with SPC Weeks and SSG Price SPC Bolton's Party
PB071353.jpg (207844 bytes) PB071363.jpg (225021 bytes) PB151444.jpg (200401 bytes)
CW4 Petty Naps SPC Welter, napping SSG Troglen Napping?
PC081794.jpg (179323 bytes) PC081796.jpg (169212 bytes) PC091823.jpg (171142 bytes) PC091825.jpg (168670 bytes)
Picked up and dropped off General Dees at Lagos Airport.  After dropping him off we wound up sleeping the night on the ramp after waiting for some Custom's passengers to arrive.
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It was a loooong night, not even any cardboard to sleep on!! Flying back to Abuja the next day Had to Land to fix the External Fuel Tank, It wasn't pumping gas..the grass was taller than we thought!


DSC00091.jpg (84822 bytes) DSC00092.JPG (85902 bytes) DSC00094.JPG (90067 bytes) Dsc00095a.jpg (147984 bytes)
Ibidan Range complex,  Ibidan Parade field Soccer field
DSC00103.JPG (82946 bytes) Ibidan01.JPG (231276 bytes) Ibidan02.JPG (232729 bytes) Ibidan03.JPG (251720 bytes)
Hotel LZ We were swarmed by the people when we landed, there were hundreds!
PB221571.jpg (216756 bytes) PB221572.jpg (218158 bytes) PB221573.jpg (245837 bytes) PB221577.jpg (305110 bytes)
Ibidan city on the way to the IITA SGT Spivey
PB221586.jpg (219431 bytes) PB221587.jpg (232970 bytes) PB221588.jpg (213108 bytes) PB221589.jpg (216464 bytes)
The troops Ibidan Range
PC091801.jpg (233461 bytes)
Hotel in Ibidan


PB261694.jpg (230164 bytes) PB281727.jpg (200769 bytes) PB281728.jpg (193856 bytes) Kachia00.JPG (362140 bytes)
From the air The building we stayed in Sleep Room
PB301738.jpg (181614 bytes) PB261698.jpg (208080 bytes) PB271706.jpg (208534 bytes) PB281725.jpg (296449 bytes)
The Landing Pad, the Nigerians chopped a path with machette's so we could see the helecopter from the building Latrine
PB261705.jpg (224227 bytes) PB271717.jpg (249760 bytes) PB271719.jpg (247644 bytes) PB271720.jpg (236157 bytes)
SGT Spivey Group photo with the natives Nacis / Spivey Nacis / Forbes
PB271722.jpg (222739 bytes) PB261700.jpg (224835 bytes) PB261701.jpg (227331 bytes) PB281730.jpg (264619 bytes)
The apple girl The children had never touched a white man before! Monkey
PB291737.jpg (228493 bytes) PB281731.jpg (193121 bytes) PB291734.jpg (229357 bytes) Pc011742a.jpg (190995 bytes)
MMMmm, Bush meat! Loading up the troops to leave for the range Operations Center
Road Kachia 01.jpg (229616 bytes) 001201-N-6492H-542.jpg (212919 bytes) 001201-N-6492H-540.jpg (108475 bytes) 001201-N-6492H-543.jpg (177882 bytes)
Cattle Dustoff Coming in for landing at the LZ
001201-N-6492H-544.jpg (201359 bytes) 001201-N-6492H-545.jpg (208393 bytes) 001201-N-6492H-547.jpg (163716 bytes) 001201-N-6492H-548.jpg (120307 bytes)
Dropping of the Claymores Taking off from the LZ